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Description: Arietta Adams, Quinton James

When teen stepsister Arietta finds her brothers sex toys in her old room's closet, she wants to know what they are for. Quinton gently lets her know she is too young and inexperienced to know what or how to use them. Arietta bravely says her young tight teen pussy would love him to show her everything and lets him feel her dripping pussy in waiting.

Tying her hands firstly and then with Arietta helpless he pulls open her top and suckles on her nipples. Going down and on his knees he kisses every inch of her tender body and lifting a leg onto a stair he is able to taste her hairy ginger mound.

He gets naked then and lying down he offers Arietta his cock to suck on. She really knows how to suck cock as she lubricates it until it is drenched in her spit and sucks on it as though it was her pussy gripping it. After some deep throat action Arietta is put onto her back and has her pussy eaten out while her legs are practically around her neck.

Some missionary style sex next again her legs are up around her neck as Quinton gives Arietta a vigorous seeing to. Getting behind her he then fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position, before letting Arietta fuck him in the cowgirl position.

After some more doggy style sex then Arietta's mouth dribbles as she sucks his cock once more and getting ready to cum, Arietta's tongue is so far out of her body that it was an easy target for Quinton as he left cum on her tongue and as she swallowed that she had her tongue out for more, which also went down her throat.

A big smile as she drained his cock of cum which told Quinton that Arietta was ready to learn more.