Royce Swells - Sis Can Feel The Big Changes Inside

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Description: Royce's stepbrother Chad has returned home college.

She feels as something has changed inside both of them.

Royce can't stop staring at Chad and he knows it.

She wishes she could find the words to tell him how she feels but is unable to.

Perhaps a nice greeting card would solve the problem.

I doubt that they have one that says: "Hi Stepbro! I have the hots for you!"

No...Royce will have to express her feelings another way.

She decides that actions speak louder than words and ambushes Chad in the hallway.

The two of them will kiss and grope each other before Chad strips Royce completely naked and carries her to the bedroom.

Once there the two of them will express their new feelings for each other by engaging in the following: blowjob, missionary, sideways, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.

Chad will give Royce a facial and she no longer has to worry about finding the right words.
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