[My Pervy Family] Stella Chiyoki - Bored And Boned At Grandma's

Duration: 24:52 Views: 146 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Boredom.

It'll kill ya.

Just ask Stella and Parker.

They're stuck on vacation at Grandma's house.

She lives out in the boonies...they're lucky to still have cell phone service.

Stella wants to break up the boredom...she wants to have some fun.

Parker will tell her the reality of the situation...there's nothing to do.

Stella will remind Parker how much fun it was when they used to sleep in the same room together.

He has no idea what she's on about.

She'll inform him that she could hear him when he was jerking off underneath his shirt.

Parker is now in full denial mode.

Stella just wants to see his cock and watch him masturbate.

As an incentive she'll even show him her small natural tits.

Parker is a lot less bored as Stella even offers to stroke his cock.

Reality comes crashing back in when their dad comes in and almost catches them.

Escaping detection and ordered to get out of the house or do something constructive other than sit on his phone Parker will go do his laundry.

While he's doing the laundry Stella will sneak in the room and grab him from behind.

She's on a mission and despite his protests once she informs him that they have the house to themselves he'll spin her around and take off her denim shorts.

Stella just wants to have some fun and Parker will help her have fun by engaging in the following with her: blowjob,
standing doggy style, cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary sex.

Parker will cum on Stella's stomach and now they're not bored and can face an evening of watching reruns of Matlock with Grandma.