[ManyVids] Tatum Christine - My Brother and His Best Friend

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Description: Description from Manyvids: This video has three cum loads, POV make out, dirty talk, two blow job scenes and double BJ! I walk into the kitchen only to find my brothers best friend standing in there. I don't know why he's here bc our parents told us nobody was allowed over while they were away for the weekend! I ask him where my brother is... of course he's in his room playing video games... I ask if you're pretty bored and suggest you hang out with me! I could probably think of 1 or 2 things for us to do alone together... we share a kiss that was so passionate that i felt your boner press against me! I ask to feel it... not like my brothers gong to walk in right this second so you let me... then i ask if I can lick it! After I suck you off and have a face full of cum I try to make my way to the bathroom without my brother catching me... but of course he does! He says he's going to tell our parents but I suggest something else... since my brother loves calling me a slut anyways!