[Sis Swap] Royce Swells And Myra Glasford - A Pervy Plan

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Description: Nick and his stepsister Royce have the house to themselves for the weekend.

Their parents are on a trip and have just called to make sure they don't throw any wild parties.

They won't be throwing any big party.

What they WILL do is invite Royce's friend Myra and her stepbrother over.

It's all part of a pervy little plan Nick and Royce have cooked up.

Nick wants to fuck Myra and Royce wants to take Myra's stepbrother's virginity.

Myra and her stepbro arrive and everyone settles in for the evening.

The guys will go play video games and the girls will sit upstairs and have a chat.

Royce will convince Myra that they should have a pillow fight with the guys just for shits and giggles.

The girls will ambush the guys with pillows as they make their way to Royce's room.

The plan is now set into motion.

Royce wastes no time and begins to kiss Myra's stepbrother.

Eventually Royce begins to give him a blowjob.

Myra though reluctant at first will eventually start to suck Nick's cock.

Royce and Nick's plan isn't to just kiss and have oral sex...nope.

Once they get Myra sufficiently chilled out enough all four of them will engage in the following: blowjob, 69, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, and prone bone sex.

During all of this Royce and Nick will have no issues touching each other while engaged with their respective partners.

Myra is constantly disgusted that her stepbro is trying to do the same.

She'll come around though and start sucking his cock while Nick fucks her.

The final part of the pervy plan falls into place when the girls fuck their own stepbrothers.

Nick gives Myra a facial and then her stepbrother "gives" her a fake vaginal creampie.