[Princess Cum] - Leana Lovings - My Pervy Stepsister Stole My Cum

Duration: 38:38 Views: 255 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Her stepbrother Johnny has caught her hiding in the closet.

She was taking pictures of him after he got out of the shower.

Johnny's going to tell her mom what a perv Leana is.

Leana is already in enough trouble and she'd do anything to avoid having her mom find out about this.

She's even willing to let Johnny take nude pictures of her to make things even.

Johnny will grab his phone and take several pics of Leana...but he's still going to rat her out.

Realizing that there's only one way out of this mess, Leana will take off her panties and begin to rub her clit in front of Johnny.

Once Johnny gets it through his head that Leana is willing to fuck her way out of trouble the two of them engage
in the following: blowjob, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.

Johnny gives Leana a vaginal creampie and now she can relax knowing that Johnny won't get her in trouble.

That sense of relief lasts for about 30 seconds until the two of them get caught by their father.