MissaX.com - Sinfully Sweet Sister II

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Description: Sinfully Sweet Sister II

Includes: 3 cumshots! A sister/brother story, surprise erection during a hug leads to touching, sex.

My older brother and I are very close, so close that we would be boyfriend and girlfriend if we weren't related. I joked with him about it once, and he uncomfortably laughed. I think my brother has a very close bond with me, for example, I just started dating guys and he hates every single one of them. None of them are good enough for me, and he hates it when I come home in the morning.

I've always been a good girl even though I hang out with the boys and stay out all night when my parents are gone. I've never had sex or even kissed a boy but I do have a boyfriend, well I DID have a boyfriend. He broke it off with me because I don't go all the way. I come home with my mascara running when the sun is coming up, it was a hard drive home. I kept thinking about how I wish I could find someone like my brother, he's perfect: handsome, smart, caring, we even love the same things!

I see him sleeping in my bed, it's so typical for him to fall asleep in my bed waiting up for me. I wipe the mascara off my face,change into my nightgown and wake him up. My face smiles but he knows something is wrong. I confess that my boyfriend broke it off with me. I come in for a hug in his big, strong arms. I feel a massive erection in his pants. It turns me on, but I am scared. I feel my hips grind up and down on his erection, instinctual, I need to rub my aching pussy against his shaft. I start to breathe heavy from the excitement, pleasure, and embarrassment of the situation, and he pulls my lips towards his. We kiss passionately. He begins to rub my breasts over my cotton night gown, I grind harder into his lap. I look at his face, "you were jealous of my boyfriend, weren't you?" I know my brother's expressions better than he does, and his hatred of my boyfriends stems from jealousy. I giggle. He pushes me down on the mattress, my nightgown flies up revealing my panties. He spanks my butt playfully and pulls me down closer to him. "Help! help! I'm being attacked by a big brute." He winks at me, "mom and dad won't be home until Monday."

I kiss him once more, he paws at my panties. "Wait! There will be three rules if we are to do this." My conscience overrides my passion and asks him to keep it a secret, to only do this when mom and dad are gone, and to never talk to me about his girlfriend again. It makes me jealous." He smiles at how similar we are. I want him to be my first, I need to have him. I look at his dark brown eyes and feel connected with him, the connection is hot, I like connection, I need more of it. I pull down his pajama pants and tell him to "go slow." He fucks me gently, then faster. I ride him, he cums inside of me. I lick his cum off and suck his dick, still raging hard, he cums in my mouth. I slide some of it out of my mouth and around his throbbing shaft and lick it up, I swallow. He takes me from behind and it makes me feel so hot, so dirty, what we are doing is so dirty, but it feels too fucking good to care. He pulls out to cum on me, and I beg him to push it back inside of me.
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