[Missax.com] - CTRL-ALT-DEL: Sister II

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Description: Allie Summers (sister), virtual sex, creampie, entranced

No worms were harmed in the shooting of this video.

I've got my first girlfriend, her name is Clarissa. I can't wait to spend time with her, any free time I have she is with me. I'm pretty sure we're in love. Clarissa even understands my love for high heeled hooker boots. One time I saw a prostitute wearing hooker boots, it was the very first time that my dick got hard. I was watching her walk down the street, her hips switched from left to right, she had perfectly toned legs, and such a tight little ass. The heels clicked with purpose on the sidewalk and it made me wonder what she would look fully naked, excepts the boots, fucking on her back with those heels in the air. My eyes panned up to see her waist, her cute little breasts in a cropped tee, but her face was fucked up, her cheeks were sullen, dark circles under her eyes, and she obviously had no teeth, but even though her face was totally fucked up it didn't kill my hard on. I worked up the nerve to confess my fantasy to Clarissa once. We've been having sex now for weeks, and I've got to see her in red, high-heeled, hooker boots.

I knew I was in love when she wore the boots to my house. We had sex in my lower bunk, it was phenomenal, as usual. She changed into her flats and left her boots and used thong under my bed for me to find later. Unfortunately, my sister found it before I did.

My sister, Allie, has been really frustrated that I've been with Clarissa and neglecting her. Her jealousy rivals a scorned lover, the way she pouts around, pulls bratty pranks on me, she says mean things about Clarissa, and begs for my time, she says, "we used to hang out all the time, you're not just my brother— my best friend.” My sister has been too much to handle lately and my friend gave me a worm in a mason jar that has been laced with a brain altering chemical, when used in combination with a computer chip, you can train a person's brain to behave however you want.

My friend told me how he's trained twelve babes so far to do whatever he wants, he's the nerdy type, and I never know if he is telling me a science fiction tale or if he is serious. I've had it with my sister though, I'm desperate, and I'll try anything. I know I'll only piss her off more if she finds I've dropped a worm in her ear, but maybe she'll stay away from me after this. I can't lose.

I dropped the worm onto her cheek and it inched closer and closer into her ear. The worm scared me, it was as if had an insatiable hunger and determination, and it was going straight for my sister's brain! I started to panic a little and thought to get the worm off her, but it was too late. Allie woke up and she was in a panic, "get it out, please! Help me! It's crawl— ugh, oh my God!” The remote control was in my pocket, and I just clicked the power button. Allie powered down, her body in a slump, her eyes closed. I started to play with the channels. I felt myself get excited, my penis started to throb, it's my sister.. but what the hell, no one is here, and she won't remember when she wakes up. I'm dying to see her naked, dancing in the hooker boots, wearing the dirty thong that my girlfriend left, and I want her to spread for me. If I imagine that she's not my sister, it's not so wrong.

Watch the story unfold.